Making LIFE Disciples

In 2015, CareNet and LifeWay Research released groundbreaking research about abortion and the church. It found that women go silently from church to the abortion clinic. More than 4 in 10 women who have had an abortion were churchgoers when they had the abortion.

LifeCare has purchased the powerful new CareNet curriculum "Making Life Disciples" to help churches recognize and minister to women and men considering abortion. Drawing on the knowledge of pastors, lawyers, counselors, and medical professionals, Making Life Disciples will enable churches to identify and offer compassion, hope, help and discipleship to those facing unplanned pregnancies. LifeCare, of course, will come alongside you in this effort.

If your church would like to utilize this curriculum in a Sunday School, small group or other setting to equip your congregants to help these young women and men, please contact Paula Paine at 785-242-4500 or

For more information, watch the video below or click here.