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As a faith-based, pro-life pregnancy and parenting resource center, LifeCare Center is dedicated to educating and engaging young people in the cause of valuing life through all of its stages, from conception to natural death.

To that end, LifeCare has initiated an award to recognize young people for their efforts in promoting a culture of life and being an advocate for the weak, the voiceless, and the disparaged of society - whether that be the unborn, the elderly, or the disabled.

One award will be presented each year in three age categories:

  • 12 and under

  • 13-18

  • 19-24

Award recipients will receive $100 or $200 to be donated to the pro-life charity of their choice, depending on their level of involvement. Nominations must be submitted by March 30, with awards to be presented at LifeCare’s annual banquet in May.

Award Description

Nomination Form

Award Brochure

Young Lives for Life Poster

All nominees must exhibit the characteristics described below. In addition, those who demonstrate leadership and involvement in 1-2 service areas outlined below will receive $100 for their pro-life charity; those demonstrating leadership and involvement in 2-3 service areas will receive $200 for their charity. Awards will be made at the discretion of the LifeCare Center staff based on the specific activities conducted by youth in each age group.

PLEASE NOTE: Creativity in designing your own projects or type of involvement is highly encouraged; however, please check with the organization you plan to help prior to completing any activity to ensure it is appropriate and will be beneficial.

Nominee Characteristics

  • Lifestyle is representative of biblical values

  • Consistently shows compassion for the weak, the voiceless and the disregarded of society.

  • Demonstrated leader in pro-life thinking and activity

Service Areas

PROJECTS – below are types of pro-life projects that could be completed:

  • Secure a professional guest speaker for your group, church, school or city to educate others on issues surrounding life

  • Coordinate a pro-life debate on your campus or in your city

  • Start a pro-life blog, research paper, or letter to the editor or your local newspaper to educate others on issues of life

  • Conduct a fundraiser or resource drive

  • Conduct an act of service or recognition for a group (make and distribute baked goods at the nursing home, make a craft/gift/ card for LifeCare or COF clients, coordinate a party, etc.)

  • Bring a pro-life film to your local theater

PEER ENGAGEMENT – below are types of pro-life activities for getting others involved:

  • Start a Students for Life Chapter at your school. Visit to learn more and/or contact LifeCare for assistance.

  • Conduct an “Advocacy Day” at your school, such as wearing pro-life t-shirts, handing out information cards, having a “day of silence”, etc.

  • Create and promote a pro-life Facebook page (or Students for Life page if a chapter is started), with regular posts

  • Speak (or secure a local speaker) at your church/youth group, VBS, school group, or other group (such as 4-H or Boy/Girl Scouts) for Sanctity of Life Sunday or other occasion

  • Organize a team and raise funds for LifeCare’s Hike and Bike for Life in September

  • Organize a team for similar fundraisers for the elderly or disabled (Special Olympics, Alzheimer’s, etc.)

  • Organize a team to pray in front of Planned Parenthood on the day abortions are performed

  • Coordinate a pro-life letter campaign to state and federal legislators

  • Get your church or youth group involved (speakers, events, volunteering, monthly support, training - see LifeCare for curriculum)

VOLUNTEERISM – below are types of pro-life volunteer opportunities that could be conducted on a regular basis (i.e. weekly, monthly) or for special occasions, such as banquets, fundraising events, etc.)

  • Pregnancy Resource Center (like LifeCare)

  • Nursing Home

  • COF or other organization that assists the disabled

  • Counselor or helper at camp for the disabled (

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Area Agency on Aging

  • Regular personal assistance of individual elderly, disabled, single parent, pregnant woman, etc.

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