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Ellen is a retired obstetric nurse who took care of newborn babies for the majority of her career. As LifeCare's Director of Nursing, she serves as our primary certified ultrasound technician who performs ultrasounds for our clients and counsels clients on their pregnancy options. She also teaches prenatal and childbirth classes to prepare clients for the pregnancy and childbirth experiences.

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Paula - Director of development

Paula joined LifeCare as the Director of Development in 2015. She is helping ensure that the Center remains a vital service in Ottawa by securing funding for daily operations and special projects. She is also giving more of a face and voice to LifeCare in Ottawa and surrounding communities by engaging with churches and the public, coordinating events, telling the Center's story, and providing education on various topics.

Leah - EXECUTIVE Director

Leah has been the Executive Director of LifeCare since September of 2005 and served in various capacities prior to that. She oversees the daily operations and finances of LifeCare. Having been with LifeCare the longest, she is a jack of all trades, doing whatever needs to be done on any given day. What she does best, though, is love our clients. You won't find a more supportive, caring person to help you when you walk through our doors!

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Sarah - DIRECTOR OF Client Services

As Director of Client Services, Sarah has a huge heart for every person that walks through our doors. She listens to them to understand what they need and then helps figure out how to meet that need. She comes alongside them to make sure they're not alone and that they have the support they need every step of the way - whether through their pregnancy or as they navigate the parenting maze.


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Lisa Smith presents our healthy relationship education in area middle and high schools in Franklin County, as well as the Juvenile Detention Center. She interactively and skillfully engages students using the four-year, abstinence-based healthy relationship curriculum in grades 6-9. She helps students gain a deeper understanding each year regarding how their lifestyle decisions effect every area of their development. Lisa also gives students tools to identify unhealthy relationships and how to make healthy relationship choices.

APRIL - REgistered nurse/ ultrasound technician

April conducts pregnancy tests, performs limited obstetric ultrasounds and counsels our clients on their pregnancy options. She is a compassionate nurse who makes our clients feel welcome and sets them at ease regardless of the situation they are facing. As an ER nurse at the local hospital, April is trained to handle anything that is thrown at her, and handle it with grace. Her heart for babies and moms is always evident in her work at LifeCare.

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Dr. brian cooke - medical director

As our Medical Director, Dr. Brian Cooke oversees all of LifeCare’s medical practices. He reads and signs off on every ultrasound that is performed and submits all records required by the state. Dr. Cooke is a family medicine doctor in Osawatomie, KS and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area. He received his medical degree from University of Kansas School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.