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Through Heavenly Eyes

As the single mother of a toddler, Josie came to LifeCare for an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy and see how far along she was. But her decision had been made - she had scheduled an abortion.  Josie was in nursing school, working hard to make a better life for her and her son. Another child was going to mess that up. Plus, she couldn’t imagine going through the struggle of doing this by herself – again. As far as we knew when she left, Josie was planning to keep the appointment she had made for the abortion of her second child. We didn’t see her again. But we, and you, were praying.

A couple of months ago, more than three years after her initial visit, Josie returned to LifeCare for another ultrasound. In tow were a five-year-old boy  . . . and a beautiful three-year-old girl. She had kept her child! “She is the light of my life,” says Josie. “I can’t imagine life without her.” During those three years, Josie not only had her daughter, she also finished her LPN training, is now earning her RN, and recently got married.  She and her husband are expecting another child – together.

We are so grateful that God allowed us to learn the outcome of Josie’s decision. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to see the results. And sometimes when we do, they aren’t what we had hoped. But we know that our clients’ stories are not finished – God is still writing them.

That’s why, as with Josie, we strive to see our clients in light of eternity. We love them; we show them Jesus; and we trust Him with the results. By supporting LifeCare, we believe you are doing the same. And in eternity, we will learn the outcomes!